June Favorites

June is always the idyllic summer month. Excitement and energy pulse through the air as we all look forward to the rest of our vacation. You take road trips with your best friends, rolling your eyes at traffic jams and singing loudly along to your favorite songs. Everything is balmy and yellow, sea salt and sunshine, bonfires and fireflies. There is so much I have loved this June that it was hard to narrow it down, but this list is a great start.



  • The Messy Heads: Both the blog and the magazine are so inspiring, and as of last night the first issue of their magazine is sold out! Emma Mercury is the genius spearheading this wonderful, positive movement and she is such a beautiful person. Look through #themessyeffect on Insta or Twitter to get a feel for this community and cross your fingers that the second issue comes out soon. 
  • Frankie Magazine: Fabulous artwork? Check. Incredible articles? Check. I’ve been hearing about Frankie for months now, but the high price tag and international shipping time (almost three weeks!) have always stopped me from getting one. A few weeks ago, however, I decided it was finally time to see what the hype was about and honestly, the hype was right. The pages are thick and beautiful, I want to rip out every picture and decorate my walls with them, and the articles are fascinating reads. Worth every penny.
  • Femmes to the Front: This hand drawn feminist zine comes printed on cheerful pink paper and is stuffed full of good information. Included inside: a feminist mixtape, a brownie recipe, a pretty good vocab list, and several other gems. The best news of all? The whole thing will set you back less than $5. 
  • How We Learn: I picked this up from a crowded bookstore nestled in the heart of Georgetown after walking two miles with my best friend. We were tired, sweaty, and overwhelmed with the amazing collection of books this store had overflowing from every shelf, chair, and corner. I’m currently reading this so I haven’t made it all the way to the end, but this book is one you want to take your time with. It’s a witty and informative read about how/when/where we actually learn information best (which as a college student is crucial). Highlight, take notes, and really absorb this. 

PicMonkey Collage


  • Iron on patches: This month I’ve practically lived in my baseball cap, which I DIY’ed with some fabulous patches that I got over at Etsy (check out Wildflower and Dannybrito). Very easy customization for anything you’re looking to spruce up and very easy to spend too much money.
  • Thrifted shirts: I nabbed a sheer, polkadot blouse for $3 in North Carolina that looks killer tucked into jeans + red lipstick. Thrifting is great for the environment and great for your wallet (if you decide later you’re not actually in love with your goodies you didn’t waste a ton of money on them). Go get some retail therapy, guilt-free! 
  • Lapis Lazuli: Every day for the last couple years I’ve worn a chunk of lapis lazuli around my neck. Deep blue and flecked with gold, it’s a mesmerizing addition to any outfit and is meant for decreasing stress, improving communication, and stimulating wisdom for the wearer. Who couldn’t use a little help in those areas? 
  • Sunglasses: Hello, it’s summer and that means protecting your eyes from that giant ball of fire in the sky. This is doubly important for all you blue eyed babes out there because we have more light sensitive eyes. My favorite pair of sunnies this month is giant, white, and heart shaped. Totally ridiculous, but why wear anything else?  



  • Fruit: Strawberries, watermelon, peaches, and everything in between are exploding with flavor now that we’ve slid into warmer months. I would eat fruit for every meal if I could, but my body wouldn’t be very happy. Best enjoyed outside, under sunshine. 
  • Panera: Yes, I do eat here multiple times a week, but their new “clean menu” is pretty fantastic. They’re working to remove all artificial ingredients, colors, and additives from their food and because of this everything tastes better than ever. Try the modern greek w/ quinoa salad  (I always get extra tomatoes and sub the kale out for extra romaine because ew kale). 
  • Soy Lattes: For my skin’s sake, I’ve been trying to go dairy free this month and WOW is there a huge difference! After a few weeks of only drinking almond/soy milk my skin is a lot smoother + dewier, despite the usual hormonal acne I get. Plus, I really love the flavor soy milk adds to my coffee drinks. Now, if I could only cut out ice cream…
  • Saltwater Taffy: Okay, not exactly healthy but there are so many crazy flavors and bright colors that I became addicted to this treat while I was at the beach. Vanilla and strawberry creme make my mouth do a happy dance. 



  • Cartia Mallan talk about the Messy Head reformation:
  • Arden Rose discuss her journey to body confidence:
  • Katy’s big sister type of advice:
  • Estee get real about the pressure of being in your 20’s:



Shoutout to this awesome playlist curated by Christi (@C_Dizzllee): 

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