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How to Celebrate Your Best Babes

People throw around the word “soulmate” a lot. Usually, they’re wondering when they will find that one destined person who will be absolutely perfect and love them forever. So many of them have romantic blinders on that they don’t realize the best soulmates all around them–their best friends. There’s something so magical about the girls you confide all your secrets to, the ones you laugh with, cry with, and who’ve seen you crashing and burning but still love you to pieces. These girls are your real ride or dies, and here’s how to show them a little extra love. wild


Make reservations at the fancy fondue place you’ve both been lusting after. Open up your closet and let her wear that dress she’s always loved. Put on a playlist with songs popular when you both were 13, dab on glitter eyeshadow, streak highlighter on each other’s noses, and sling on your scariest heels. Have a four course meal, complete with dessert and drinks, then walk around downtown after. Notice the lavender streaks in the sky, dusted right along the horizon. Gossip. Laugh. Be ridiculous. 


If you’re crafty, get some canvas and create a beautiful painting for their apartment. Stencil out their favorite quote and dump glitter on it. If you’re a foodie, bake them a dozen pink cupcakes with edible pearls and heaps of buttercream. Make a blackberry pie with woven lattices and bring it to brunch. There are a million different present ideas floating around on pinterest for even the most craft-impaired people, so pick something you know she will love and go for it! Creating something means a heck of a lot more than just shelling out the cash because you took the time to make something special. 



Take the day off work. Pick someplace you’ve both talked about going but have never actually made time to and dedicate the whole day to exploring it. Show up at her house with bagels and coffee and hit the road. Smash together your favorite playlists and drive for hours. Pick wildflowers, take hundreds of pictures, find the best food in the city and try it for yourself. Enjoy a day with no responsibilities other than having fun. 


There’s nothing like actually saying why you appreciate your friend to make her feel loved. Write about your favorite memories, how you met, all the crazy things you love about her, and why she is a crucial part of your life. Doodle hearts in the margins of the paper and dream about future adventures you both will have. Seal the envelope with puffy stickers and tell her to read it on a rainy day when she needs cheering. There’s honestly no better medicine than going back and reading letters stuffed full of love from your favorite people. 


Is her coffee order a double espresso with soy? Does she always get waffles from your favorite brunch spot? In every relationship listening is important, but what’s even better than listening is remembering. She probably thinks no one pays attention to her quirks, so if you can surprise her with her usual Wednesday latte it shows that you value her enough to pay attention to the little details. In the end, that’s what really counts. 


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