Calling All Curly Girls

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 3.43.01 PM.png

This afternoon I was procrastinating writing a paper by scrolling through Twitter, when I saw this girl mocking the idea that white girls can have curly hair. Now I, having 3a-3b curls my whole life, replied that it was possible to only use water to “make” our hair curly. The girl got very agitated (I think she called me a “2b wavy haired bitch”) after that. So here’s what I want to say…

All curls are beautiful. Whether you have 2a or 4c curls, your hair is gorgeous and you should be proud of it.


There is no hierarchy. IT’S HAIR. Having kinkier curls does not make you a “REAL” curly girl and having waves doesn’t make you less of one. Attacking people or saying only certain genders/races/ethnicities can have curly hair is ridiculous. Of course it’s going to look different on everyone. Of course we’re all going to have different experiences and struggles with it. But invalidating someone else’s appearance to fuel your weird superiority complex is wrong.

We have to stop putting down others to make ourselves feel more important. Making fun of everything and everyone might make you look cool in the moment, but that kind of negativity will eventually drain people until they stop wanting to be around you. Instead of tearing down someone for their hair, uplift them for it. Be encouraging and kind and watch that energy circle back to you.

Basically, there’s already enough shit in this world without you adding to it.

And love your curls, however they take shape.


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