October Favorites

October has come and gone and I feel like I missed out on my big dose of Fall this year (what with the uber warm weather and exams crammed down my throat). There were still lots of caramel apples eaten and Wizard of Oz pumpkin carvings, but this month just…lacked magic for me. It’s okay, though, because I plan on getting super into the Christmas spirit to make up for it!



  • Money Diaries: Refinery29 has a really interesting series that I find myself checking each week for new posts. Basically, they take women at different salary levels, in different industries, and living in different cities and document every purchase they make over a period of time. One of my favorite articles chronicles one woman’s purchases for an entire month. Responsible spenders or not, it’s fascinating to see what these women choose to spend their money on and the trends between high/low income earners. Definitely worth browsing a few.
  • The Winner’s Trilogy: I listened to this series on Audible because I don’t have a lot of time to sit down and read books BUT I walk miles every day to and from classes, so I have commute time to spare. It took me less than a week to power through all three of these books and I really enjoyed them. There’s a monarchy with slave unrest across the kingdoms and political games–it’s a solid read.
  • Shailene Woodley’s article: In case you haven’t heard, Shailene Woodley and 26 other people were arrested for protesting the current pipeline construction, on the basis that it interferes with sacred land and will likely contaminate drinking water for millions of Americans. In her article, she raises a lot of pointed questions about the legal/moral/ethical issues this pipeline brings up, especially with how it affects the indigenous population there.
  • Milk and Honey: To be honest, this is more of a re-read but I can’t say enough good things about Rupi Kaur. I’ve underlined phrases, doodled in the margins, and scrawled notes below the poems on how they made me feel. Her words are so staggeringly powerful and I devoured this collection.



  • BEANIESIt’s (finally!!!) getting cold outside which means I can trade baseball caps for my much cozier collection of beanies. My mom laughed at me when I brought all eight with me to school but I think the space they take up is definitely deserved. I love all cold weather clothes and beanies are a vital component of that. 
  • Layers: Today, I went outside in a short-sleeved floral dress with a flannel thrown over top, thigh high crimson socks, and ankle boots. When it got colder later in the evening, I threw a sweater over all of this and rolled up the sleeves so the flannel showed through. Layering is a fashion godsend. 
  • ColourPop Marshmallow liquid lipstick: I used to be a very cautious lipstick wearer but after getting this grayish lavender shade I am OBSESSED. I try to limit my purple lip to days when I’m wearing mostly gray or black (so that the color really POPS….get it?) but every time I go out sporting this color I get sooo many comments on it. I’m dying to get my hands on other risky shades soon. 
  • ColourPop Butterfly Beach highlighter: This is my first ever highlighter, purchased at the beginning of the month. It’s definitely more of a rose gold shade than I was expecting when I bought it, but I think that makes this product even cooler because most days I skip blush and just swipe this across my cheekbones. Adore it. 



  • Dark chocolate with golden berries: Since I’m normally too busy for lunch, I eat dinner as soon as the dining hall opens, usually around 5pm. But then I proceed to stay up awake for another nine hours so I find myself getting hungry again before I fall asleep. A row of dark chocolate squares satisfies my sweet tooth and is enough to tide me over until morning. 
  • Roasted sesame seaweed packs: Eating healthy when you’re still stuck on a meal plan is a literal uphill battle. I have to fight through mountains of candy and chips to find their extremely limited supply of healthy snacks, but this is one I found tucked in a corner by the seasoned nuts. I can use my credits to buy them (score) and there are only three ingredients–seaweed, sesame oil, and sea salt. A whole pack is 30 calories and I go through one pack a day to satisfy my salty cravings. 
  • Caramel apples: Do I have to explain this? 
  • Broccoli cheddar soup: Even though I don’t work at Panera anymore I’m still a junkie. On chilly, rainy nights when I’m still hanging around the quad I find myself ducking into the store for a bowl of comforting, cheesy soup. Mmmm. And it has broccoli so it’s totally healthy, right? Right? 



  • Marissa Lace is an ethereal, glowing human being. All of her videos are entertaining and rich in substance so you can’t go wrong with any of them.
  • KATY! She’s a long-term favorite of mine, as you all know, but this short video crams so much creativity, message, and travel footage that I’ve watched it five times already.
  • Before the Flood: I’m not sure how much longer this documentary is going to be free so watch it soon! There wasn’t a lot of new information on climate change that I hadn’t heard before, but it was easily palatable (thanks, Leo) and featured several interesting interviews that make it worth the 90 minutes of your life. Who knows? You might learn something new. 
  • Fed UpI took pages of notes while watching this documentary, which revolves around the obesity epidemic in America–specifically, how our country’s addiction to sugar is fueling the fire. Guys. There is added sugar in EVERYTHING WE EAT and it’s crazy. I learned so much from watching this and would love to go on a sugar detox, except I don’t have the tools or space to cook for myself right now. When I move into my apartment, that detox is happening. Be on the lookout for a whole post about this sugar addiction very soon…


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