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Making Gratitude Lists


MY GRATITUDE LIST (in no particular order):

  • my cat
  • my aunt and uncle
  • my nana
  • my friends
  • kyle
  • my health
  • my home
  • my job
  • my apartment next year
  • my ability to get an education
  • my mom
  • my dad
  • my hairstylist for knowing my hair better than I do
  • lush skincare products
  • rainy days at home
  • big, comfy sweaters
  • snow days
  • cookies
  • our family dog
  • fuzzy socks
  • my body
  • my mind
  • lessons I’ve learned from people
  • poetry
  • books
  • road trips with my favorite people
  • how I feel at the beach
  • pink champagne
  • christmas lights
  • christmas trees
  • breaks from school
  • the content creators I follow
  • blurry polaroid pictures
  • wine nights
  • chicago pizza
  • waffles
  • my siblings
  • sledding with my family
  • dancing outside
  • affordable healthcare
  • access to clean water
  • always having enough food
  • puppies
  • glitter
  • the color blush pink
  • pretty sunsets
  • the support from my family
  • the magazine that I’m working to create
  • free time
  • new years resolutions
  • fresh starts
  • surprise kisses
  • daydreams
  • my pink suede jacket
  • magazines without ads
  • thrift stores with good quality clothes
  • my favorite coffee shop
  • fireworks
  • trips to the beach at night
  • brownies
  • pugs in sweaters
  • how fresh bread tastes
  • my coconut wax candle
  • feminism
  • the inside of anthropologie stores
  • the way kyle smells
  • slow lazy mornings
  • coffee with soy milk
  • vegan ginger cookies
  • vegan avocado pesto
  • daisies
  • vlogs of people living in foreign countries
  • independent artists
  • rose water
  • watching documentaries with hot chocolate and best friends
  • spring cleaning
  • the endorphin rush after running
  • sore muscles after a good workout
  • when a kitten falls asleep on you
  • deep cleansing face masks
  • glittery nail polish
  • new years eve kisses
  • doing yoga in the morning
  • the love I’m surrounded by

PHEW! If you made it this far, I challenge you to do what I did and fill up an entire piece of paper with what you are grateful for. It’s harder than it looks, but is a good “happy list” you can look at on blah days.


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