June Favorites

A huge hodgepodge of everything I’ve been loving.


Bright red polka-dot slip dresses worn to the lake, sunscreen staining lacy edges and strawberries staining corners of mouths. Freezing cold drinks sweating in our palms and freezing cold waves lapping over sunburned shoulders, both providing relief from the scorching air. Air conditioning buzzing loudly in the window. Ceiling fans looping overhead. Cool sheets tucked under knees. Warm lemons tucked in paper bags. Welcome to June.


Relish: Lucy Knisley writes autobiographical graphic novels (say that three times fast). This one is about her love of food and her experience growing up with foodies for parents. The mouthwatering images, cute stories, and illustrated recipes bought this book a special place in my heart. As soon as I turned the last page I purchased two more of her graphic novels.

Happy City: All about urban planning. The writing style is engaging and entertaining and there is a lot of information in here. Honestly if you’re interested in how slums develop and why some cities thrive then this is a great read.

Eighteen Years: Madisen Kuhn is a wonderful jellybean of a person and a lovely poet. I’ve been following her tumblr for about five years now and wanted a poetry book from her for just as long. Published last November, Eighteen Years is a MASSIVE collection of her poetry cobbled together throughout the years–you get to watch her evolution as a writer unfold as you turn the pages.

TheSkimm: Started by two best friends with a passion news and media, theSkimm delivers relevant news summaries to your email every morning M-F. The news is bite-sized, concise, and interesting. It’s skimmable (get it?). It appeals to the busy (& lazy) girl in me who wants to stay updated on the world but doesn’t have much time for extensive news reading these days.


Margot Lee’s journaling video is crazy inspiration. One big goal for 2017 was to journal every day and I haven’t quite hit that, but I’ve still been journaling much more consistently than I ever have before.

This video is for the hopeless romantic in you.

I’ve never seen a more creative promo video.

If you’re feeling anxious or like a panic attack is coming on, triangle breathing helps ground you in the present moment. I started getting really restless at work a couple days ago so I switched on this video to chill me out.

Any HGTV show. I’m staying with family this summer and we’ve gotten into the habit of winding down after dinner together by lounging on the couch watching tiny houses or good bones or whatever’s on HGTV that night.eating.sloppy

Homemade lemonade: I will never buy store-bought again. My favorite recipe includes…

-7 to 8 lemons (= 1.5 cups lemon juice)

-1.5 cups of sugar

-8 cups of water

Microwave one cup of water in the microwave until BOILING, then mix in sugar to create a simple syrup. Juice lemons, add remaining seven cups of water, then mix simple syrup once it’s cooled. Bonus points if you throw in some mashed strawberries.

Food truck elote: There’s this little food truck right by the lake I go to that serves the best elote I’ve ever had. You can get it on the cob or in a paper cup–it’s the perfect spicy, creamy treat after the half hour walk to the lakefront.

$3 tacos: There’s a little shop a few blocks from my apartment that sells mouth-watering tacos for only $3. They’re made to order so it takes some patience but it’s completely worth it. I never manage to leave without buying fresh chips and guac, too.

Spicy avocado hummus: I forgot what brand makes this (so I’m cursed to never find it again) but hands down it is the best hummus flavor I’ve ever tried.

Watermelon: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. following.sloppy

NYC Bambi (@nycbambi): Her IG photos always brings a little monochromatic, minimalistic vibe to my feed.

Vegan Bummer(@veganbummer): Queen of thrifting/vintage clothes. I am constantly bookmarking her IG photos for later style inspiration.

Rita Tattoo (@rit.kit.tattoo): This Ukranian woman is a wizard with plants and tattoos. She takes plants and sprays them on the client’s body before coloring them in and the end result is nutty beautiful.

Madame Buraka (@burakatattooflash): When I visualize the tattoo I want to get later this summer, her edgy, penciled style always comes to mind. I love her badass depictions of the female form.


Ripped mom jeans: I never had a pair of true, well fitting jeans until a month ago when I stumbled upon my dream pair. They fit well without being tight and the ripped parts have been shredded to pieces, but they’re still perfect.

Slip dresses: Whether worn on the beach over a swimsuit or dressed up with heels out to dinner, these pieces are the epitome of effortless style. My favorite way to wear them is under my jean jacket (sleeves cuffed to the elbows) with my hair in a messy topknot.

Vintage denim jackets: I found a perfect fitting vintage Calvin Klein jacket for $16. It’s a dream and perfect for late night summer walks around the lake.

Over the knee boots: After years of wanting a pair of tall, black boots I hit the jackpot and snagged a great pair for less than $30. Works well with jean skirts and tucked in band tees.


Kilo Kish: Her music is poetry, plain and simple. “Reflections in Real Time” is my favorite album and “Existential Crisis Hour” is the best spoken word-song-interlude on it.

Melodrama: Four years after her debut album, Lorde kills it again with an album that is loosely centered around the development of a house party. The song I can’t stop listening to is “Writer in the Dark” and there are two parts in the song that give me goosebumps every time I hear them…

“Stood on my chest and kept me down / Hated hearing my name on the lips of a crowd / Did my best to exist just for you….”


“I ride the subway, read the signs / I let the seasons change my mind / I love it here since I’ve stopped needing you….”

Beach days: There’s something about being on the beach and being able to see the city skyline right behind you that takes your breath away. Escaping, in the middle of all the chaos.

Art museums: Any city, any art museum. The other day, my friend came to my apartment after work and we took the train to an art museum nearby that had free admission for a slim, three-hour window of time. We only made it through the contemporary and video section before it was time to leave, but it was such a better way to spend time together than sitting on the couch watching Netflix.

Getting coffee at five-star hotels: Obviously, it’s out of the budget to spend a night there, but many upscale hotels have restaurants that are open to the public. Even if you just order a cappuccino and read the news, you can get the boujie experience without the hefty pricetag. Last time I did this, the waiter came around and offered free, flaky croissants with little pots of jam and honey. Of course, leave a nice tip before you leave.

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