On Slipping Up & Revisiting Goals


Here we are, a little more than halfway through the new year, and many ambitious goals have fallen by the wayside. I know that personally, I haven’t managed to write every night, practice French for 30 minutes every day, or even work out five times a week. And when you realize you haven’t been keeping up with your goals, your gut reaction is to feel shame or give up entirely because “it’s too late now.”

Yeah, well, tell your gut to shut up.

Goals are incredibly important to have if you want to accomplish anything and evolve as a person. Writing things down and breaking them into steps brings focus and direction into your life (which, otherwise, is just a chaotic swirl of events). But life is messy and we aren’t robots! There is no shame in reworking your goals to be more manageable because your reality isn’t what you idealized six months ago while you were drunk and setting off party poppers. Any progress is better than no progress.


Most importantly, there is no such thing as “too late”. As cliche as it sounds, you have the power to wake up every day and choose who you are going to be. Your priorities are what you spend your time on in the 24 hours we all have, not what you wish you spent your time on.

So, you wanted to work out every day but in the last three weeks have only gone to the gym 5 times? Do a little internal digging; what’s stopping you from going? Maybe every day is too big of a stretch and constant “failure” has been discouraging you from even trying. Set a new goal for going three days a week. A few weeks after mastering that, increase it to four days. If you’re always exhausted after work and have carved out gym time for 6 pm, try waking up earlier and going before work. If you want to do it, find a way to make it happen.

There is no point in life I’ve found where you hit an upward stride and never stop. Progress isn’t linear, it dips and crests and dips again. The sooner you accept that and learn how to ride the wave, the sooner you stop feeling like a failure. So, pick those resolutions back up again and see what you can do to meet them. As long as you keep trying, you’re succeeding.

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