Five Kick-Ass Female YouTubers

Over the last few weeks, I’ve found myself watching a lot of YouTube videos rather than vegging out with Netflix or Hulu. Here are five of my favorite content creators (who happen to be incredible women, as well!):

Jen Im (clothesencounters)


Jen is a sparkling ray of sunshine in the YouTube community. She has been creating fashion, travel, and lifestyle videos for years and her production quality is flawless. Watching her fun adventures with her new fiance, puppy, and California home are like a balm for bad days. Jen also recently came out with a clothing line, Eggie, which is dangerously cute (and has already put a couple dents in my wallet).

Her engagement video (which DID make me cry): 

Katherine Berry (katherout)


If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’re a college a student. If you’re a college student, Katherine should be in your life. She just graduated college this past year and is an expert on getting your dream internship, getting good grades, and building healthy habits as a student. Her advice videos are actually useful (unlike the hundreds of videos out there telling you over and over to “drink more water”) and based on her experience as a top student at the University of Southern California; she actually graduated a year early and already has a full-time position!

One of her most popular videos is about the habits of 4.0 students: 


Tiffany Ferguson

Tiffany is the best friend that gets wine drunk with you and has a tapestry of Bernie Sanders on her wall. She is sarcastic and witty and her videos generally involve a discussion about anything from her study abroad experience to politics to crying over cute animals. Watching her videos is like spending quality time with that one friend you can let your guard down with. She’s one of the rare YouTubers who shows her lows alongside her highs and it’s a refreshing change!

Her video on how to travel around Europe for cheap is full of great insider tips:


Hannah Witton


Do you have a heartbeat? Then Hannah’s videos are for you! Seriously, though, Hannah is a force of positivity in the entire YouTube community, creating videos on a variety of topics such as body positivity, sexual health, sociopolitical issues, and her famous “Drunk Advice” series. Whether you identify as a man or a woman, she has important videos that relate to you and she also recently just authored a book all about sexual health (a taboo topic that Hannah is attempting to destigmatize).

This super creative video discusses how she feels about being called an artist:


Gibi (Gibi ASMR)


Now, it’s time to throw a wild card out there and admit–at least half of my YouTube subscriptions are to ASMRtists. For those of you unfamiliar with asmr, you can find a lot more info about it here (hyperlink to: http://www.refinery29.com/what-is-asmr-meaning) but essentially, it is composed of sounds (called “triggers”) that cause you to relax or get a tingly feeling in the back of your head. Even though I don’t get that ASMR feeling itself, these videos are incredibly relaxing and it’s gotten to the point where I can’t sleep without one! Gibi is not one of the original ASMrtists (several of whom now have more than one million subscribers) but her videos are so cheerful and calming that she has quickly become one of my favorites.

This sleep clinic video is so relaxing and is also one of her most popular:


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