EPIC 2017 Media Roundup (New Year, New View Part 1)


There are three-ish days left in 2017! How are you spending them? Are you ferociously planning your goals for the upcoming year? Are you hiding in a blanket fort, binging Netflix, and burying your head in the sand? Regardless of how you cope with the looming new year, I’ve put together a MASSIVE aggregate of the best content that I’ve consumed in 2017 for you. This is part one of a three-day series leading up to NYE: “New Year, New View”, all focused on changing your mindset for the next 365 days and climbing that self-improvement ladder.

So excited!


Paris in Rogue: A beautiful photo compilation about time spent in Paris.

Cheap (But Fantastic) Places to Live in 2018

Haircuts, Ice Cream, and Cigarettes: HUGE photo journal documenting several months spent in Cuba.

In Cuba: More of Emma’s actual journal and reflections during her Cuba trip.

38 Vacations to Take with Your BFFs: A dreamy escape from reality (whether or not you actually go on one of these trips).

Paris Diary



How to Live in the Present Without Annoying Yourself: 

“Remember the moment you realized your life was happening? That, actually, your life was the things you were doing every day and the things you were thinking and feeling and all of it wasn’t some preamble to your actual life? The moment that hits is like a punch to the gut. It’s like ripping the mask off reality.”

10 Things You Should Throw Away Before 2018: A great post on decluttering because instead of advocating the usual “throw things out” or “drive it over to Goodwill”, it specifically lists places that could use the items they mention.

ABC Life Advice 

I Tried the Morning Routines of 5 Successful People: I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS ARTICLE and have read it multiple times, gleaning new nuggets of wisdom each time I do. I am officially obsessed with learning (and trying) everyone’s daily routine.

Self Doubt & Procrastination

How to Not Give a Fuck for 24 Hours: Hilarious and thought-provoking.

I Asked Women What They’d Tell Their 28-Year-Old Selves

5 Dating Tips if You Hate Dating: Actually helpful, non-bullshit advice.

“I think romantic relationships are the perfect nexus of everything that holds us back in life: social conditioning, patriarchy, family patterns, our desires for human connection, our fears of rejection, and our stories about ourselves and our potential.”

What’s Making You Unproductive? 

I Tested 6 Bedtime Hacks Successful People Swear By: I told you, it’s an obsession.



My Shopping Philosophy (And Why It Sticks)

I Had a Hard Month, But You Wouldn’t Know it From My Mirror Selfies: This is a great way to catalogue your style for a month and some of your highs/lows.



Self-Care Strategies for Always On Entrepreneurs

Salary Negotiation Tips: There was some crazy statistic I read once that said 20% of women have never even attempted to negotiate their salary because they feel grateful or over-valued based on their background. Totally outrageous!

Land Your Dream Job (Even if They’re Not Hiring): Providing value and networking are both important factors to this.

9 Questions to Ask in a Job Interview



Easy Ways to Improve Your Gut Health: This year I got diagnosed with a chronic form of colitis after months fighting c. diff, so gut health has been on my mind almost every day. Never underestimate how much of your overall health is affected by your gut!

How Dieticians Eat After They’ve Overindulged

Food Diary of an Intuitive Eater: I’m a big anti-diet advocate and believe that intuitive eating is a great way to get in tune with our bodies’ needs.

Toxic Thoughts & Food 

How to Eat Healthy for $50 a Week: Two registered dieticians tackle this challenge and walk you through some tips and tricks on eating clean with a tight budget.


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