Restart Your Life With 11 Challenges (New Year, New View Part 2)


Can we all take a moment to appreciate the fact that New Year’s Day falls on a Monday AND a full wolf moon? You have a fresh week, a fresh year, and a powerful lunar cycle guiding you into 2018.

This makes January the best month to incorporate a new habit you’ve been procrastinating. Pop psych tells us it takes 21 days to form a habit you’ll stick to, which makes 30-day challenges the perfect amount of time to experiment with a lifestyle change. Maybe it sticks or maybe it doesn’t but you’ll never know unless you fully commit for at least a few weeks.

If you missed day one of New Year, New View, I’ve collected a ton of articles and videos on self-improvement to get you stoked for the year ahead. Hit me up in the comments or on SM’s socials to let me know which one of these challenges you are excited to try next month (or what challenges you’ve created on your own). I’ll be posting my progress on Twitter and Instagram if you want to keep up!

30 days of journaling: Taking time to write down your thoughts is the ULTIMATE form of self-care. Get in the habit of doing it every day with some of these helpful prompts!

30 days of drawing: Take a page from Inktober’s book and dedicate yourself to 30 days of drawing in a certain medium (be it ink, acrylics, watercolor, etc.).

30 days of minimalism: Unlike the popular minimalism challenges floating around (where you purge your life of physical objects), Anuschka Rees’s challenge takes a more mindful/lower consumption/detox approach to life overall. Every day has a new mini-prompt, such as decluttering your computer or identifying your main priorities.

30 days of no complaining: This isn’t a very involved challenge (all you do is resist the temptation to bitch incessantly for 30 days) but I’ve linked a really good article that includes some tips and takeaways to help you along.

30 days of yoga: Are you tired of hearing about yoga? Okay, but have you tried it yet?

30 days of meditating: Science has proven time and time again that we are capable of rewiring our neurological pathways through practices like meditation. It’s also a great way to stop anxiety spirals in their tracks (speaking from personal experience here). If you don’t want to follow this playlist, “Stop, Breathe, & Think” and “Headspace” are the two main meditation apps I alternate between on a daily basis.

30 days of vegetarianism/veganism: Depending on where you feel you are in your food journey. Even 30 days without eating meat does a lot of good for your body and the environment; linked is an interactive daily menu with easy vegan recipes for 30 days.

30 days without spending money: Anything outside of bills and other fixed expenses, of courses. Get control of your finances by going cold turkey on making fun purchases for 30 days (and yes, Postmates is considered a fun purchase).

30 days without dairy: This is one I’ve been forced to do because it’s a trigger for the chronic illness I was recently diagnosed with, but I’ve found forgoing cow juice has done WONDERS for my acne and bloating. It’s a pretty self-explanatory challenge so I’ve just linked a research article on how dairy affects our bodies (both in positive and negative ways).

30 days of learning a language: Honestly, this is something that’s just plain fun to do and is a skill you can capitalize on. If you love traveling abroad or want a career with an international component (as many have these days), learning another language is vital. “Duolingo” and “Rosetta Stone” are great resources–if you’re in college, you may be able to get Rosetta Stone free through your school. Something to look into.

30 days of gratitude journaling: Once you make it a habit to acknowledge the good things in your life every day you will start seeking out positive things to write about. Tried & tested.

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