2017 Reflection: 10 Questions to Dive Deep (New Year, New View Part 3)


Here we are! It’s the final few hours of 2017; over the last few days, we’ve covered the best content of the year and some 30-day challenges you can attempt all focused on personal growth. Today, I want to go deeper below the surface and give you some questions you can use to reflect on 2017.

Maybe 2017 was kind of a shitshow for you. Maybe it was a major turning point in your life. Maybe it was just another 365 days, each passing the same as the last. Regardless, it’s INCREDIBLY important to spend some time analyzing your year. Be brutal in your reflection. This doesn’t need to be shared with anyone so be as raw and as real as you can be with yourself. These ten questions were inspired by Amy Lee; I’ve linked her YouTube video below if you want to watch her reflect on her year. And if none of these questions resonate with you, I made a similar post last year with different questions you can use to guide your reflection. 

I hope 2017 was amazing for you. Even more, I hope you’re just as excited for 2018 as I am. Shit’s not always pretty, but we’re going to grow in ways we can’t even fathom right now. I’m ready! 

1. Where were you this time last year?

This time last year I was on winter break and in my second year at university. I was really focused on my first summer internship and the upcoming interview I had with them to check in before the summer began. That coming summer I was also going to be living in Chicago (my favorite city) and I was constantly daydreaming about it. 

2. Where are you now?

Spoiler alert: nothing really changed! I’m in my third year at university now but am still really focused on my second summer internship and once again planning my summer in the city. I live with my cat (which is wonderful) and am balancing two jobs instead of just one. I’ve also had to live through really scary health problems since September and still struggle with good / bad days. Between work, school, and battling my own body my social life slipped to the backburner and I got pretty burnt out. 

3. If you could describe the year in three words, what would they be?

Stimulating. Challenging. Loving. 

4. What are you grateful for?

This list is going to be almost identical to last year’s but I’m not complaining! I’m still grateful for my boyfriend, who has been working his ass off with some serious personal development and learning to grow with me instead of apart from me. I’m infinitely grateful for all my family and doubly grateful to my aunt, uncle, and nana for opening their home to me again for a SECOND summer. I’m grateful to my cat for keeping me company and giving me something to focus on instead of my neuroticism. I’m grateful to have jobs that let me afford rent on my apartment and that I am able to attend college and get an education. I’m also grateful for all my friends that stood by me through my months of being MIA while I got my shit together. 

5. What goals did you accomplish?

I started and finished my first summer internship. I was promoted to a supervisor at my job. I was re-hired by my previous internship to do social media work for them part-time. I went through a ton of interviews and got hired into an internship for this upcoming summer that I am SO excited for. I lived in my favorite city and plan to do it again (both major goals for me). I moved into my first big girl apartment and brought my cat with me.  Annnnd I managed to pull decent grades despite a rough semester. 

6. What goals did you not accomplish?

I didn’t post on Sloppy as much as I planned to, which is my most important commitment for 2018. I didn’t practice French every day (although I kept at it a few times a week which kept my skills from completely disappearing). I barely went to the gym at all; actually, the peak of c. diff made me lose over 15 pounds in two weeks (A VERY BAD THING) so I’ve focused on being gentle and healing my body.

7. What brought the most joy in 2017?

This last year I’ve become more self-sufficient than I ever thought I could be. I gained way more independence and managed to keep both myself and my pet alive and thriving. I get a lot of joy out of working hard and supporting myself. 

8. What new habits have you acquired?

There are six habits I try to do every day (thanks to my Streaks app): practice French, journal, meditate, do yoga, don’t complain, and make coffee. To explain the last two, coffee is part of my spiritual routine where I ban all electronics, grind and brew fresh beans, and start my day slowly with a magazine or book. This puts me in a flow state for the rest of the day. The not complaining is my attempt at one of the 30-day challenges I wrote about for January (cross your fingers for me). 

9. What old habits are you leaving?

NEGATIVITY. I am ready to leave whining behind in 2017. Mark Manson said it best:

“Don’t hope for a life without problems. There’s no such thing. Instead, hope for a life full of good problems.”

I could also do without my tendencies to procrastinate and bury my head in the sand when my anxiety outruns my to-do lists.

10. What do you want to achieve in 2018?

I want to build a community around Sloppy and help the platform evolve a lot in the next year. Work toward being more fluent in French. Incorporate yoga and meditation deeper into my daily routine. Get a 4.0 next semester. Most of all, I want to spend more time with the people I love (chasing that ephemeral work-life balance). 

Amy Lee’s video: 

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