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30 Day Photo Challenge to Boost Creativity

I always want to create more but often lack the inspiration to make new art every day. The thing is, inspiration isn’t something that’s going to come along and hit you upside the head while you’re five seasons deep in a Netflix binge. It’s something we cultivate in our own lives so that we can draw on it as needed. How do we boost our reserves??? By creating more, of course!

Taking photos is a quick way to zap more visual inspiration into your life and it’s a fun medium to play in (especially if you’re like me and find it easier to express yourself through other art forms). Join me on this 30 day photo challenge for some hardcore creatin’ and self-expressin’. You can keep up with my progress on Instagram (@sloppymagazine) and be sure to tag your posts with #30sloppysnaps so I can follow along!

30sloppsnapsBeginning today take a photo of…

1. A quiet moment

2. Your morning routine

3. Midnight snack

4. Street art (*your own chalk drawings count*)

5. Tour of your happy place

6. Your art (3 photos) before, during creation, and final product

7. The first thing that catches your eye

8. Sunset

9. Something blue

10. Someone you love

11. Dump out your bag

12. Nostalgia

13. A sweet treat

14. Sunrise

15. A homecooked meal

16. What made you smile

17. Best coffee of the week

18. Self-love

19. One good habit

20. An adventure (real or imagined)

21. Something yellow

22. Laughing until you cry

23. Waking up

24. Winding down

25. A self-portrait

26. Dreaming of summer

27. Something lucky

28. The outfit that feels most like you

29. Calm among chaos

30. A breath of fresh air

I’m so excited to see what you guys create! Again, don’t forget to tag your posts with #30sloppysnaps as we go through the next 30 days. I know it seems intimidating from this side of the month, but finishing a challenge like this could be just the push you need to start actively tapping into your creative side again. Good luck!

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