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Sloppy is all about the messy parts of life.

Sloppy Magazine came from a discussion with my best friend about the pressure on women to be perfect and pristine all the time. We were laying on the beach under the blazing June sun, watching people stroll along the surf and watching how other people watched them. We saw the joy on the faces of two-year-olds as they raced away from the waves and the insecurity in the 14-year-olds as they hugged their arms around their stomachs.

I remember being a young girl, maybe five or six, and sitting on the couch in jeans with my legs planted wide on the ground. Someone in my family looked at me, disapproval clear in their face, and said, “That’s not how a LADY is supposed to sit.” In response, I scowled and moved my legs even further apart. Even back then, I had no interest in being their idea of a “lady.”

Girls can be loud and wild and out of control and sloppy. They aren’t perfect and they aren’t supposed to be.

Editor in chief: Riley Corboy

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